fresh cold cut platter. cheese platter. parma ham and melon. crispy calamari. bruchesta. homemade garlic bread. american fried potato. fresh lemon asparagus. parma ham stick. nagoya fried chicken. smoked salmon and goat bruchesta. homemade liver plate. texas cheese fried
mushroom cream soup. clam soup. lobster bisque. tomyum soup. onion soup. onion soup. minestone soup. crab&sweet corn soup
*Crab and sweet corn have good Crab Meat, Sweet Corn, Cream Soup and French Bread*
caesar salad. yum salmon. yum seafood.rocket salad with foiegras. shrimp rocket and avocado salad. parma ham and melon with rocket salad. seared tuna salad. leafy carb meat salad. baby prawn salad. garden salad with baby spinach. 
*A salad is not a meal. It is a style*
fettucini carbonara. spaghetti angel hair A.O.P. seafood. spaghetti A.O.P. clam with white wine. spaghetti seafood pad cha. fettucini alfredo ebiko. baked penne seafood with cheese. spaghetti fried soft shell crab with garlic. scallop lemon caper sauce. spaghetti black ink seafood.
Pizza cabonara. Pizza parma ham.
Pizza hawaiian. Pizza italian sausage.
Pizza seafood. Pizza smoked salmon.
Pizza magarita. 
Fried seabass. Crispy salmon with lemon butter steak. Beef sirloin steak. Beef tenderloin steak. Rack of lamb. American BBQ pork ribs. American pork chop. Stew lamb shank. Suffolk fish and chip. Salmon spinach. Mixed sausage. Grilled pork chop. 
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